Why Merino Wool?

At We Norwegians Merino Wool has always been our fiber of choice - blending a Norwegian tradition with modern designs and creating pieces you will love for years. See some of the reasons why we choose merino wool, and think you should too, below: 


Biodegradable & Sustainable
Wool is a material that comes from nature, and when one of our 100% merino wool garments is eventually worn out, it can be brought back to the earth without any release of microplastics or other toxic chemicals. We use a minimal amount of dyes in our production process, and we only use natural wax in the knitting process to strengthen the light threads that we use.

Kind To Skin
Merino wool is nothing like what some relate to those itchy, heavy sweaters we had as kids. It's incredibly soft against even the most sensitive skin. We have also minimized the use of chemicals and dyes in our production, making our garments so safe on skin that it's certified for infants by European standards. Super Fine merino wool is also scientifically proven to improve eczema in young children.

No Odor
Wool has a natural content of Lanolin. Lanolin is a natural "wool grease" which is antibacterial and antimicrobial and essentially makes a wool garment "self cleaning". It helps eliminate odors, making light weight wool perfect for travel!

Regulate Body Temperature
Merino Wool can hold up to 30% of its own weight in water and still have an insulating function. Wool is also extremely breathable and will help cool you down in warmer temperatures.

No Microplastics
When washing and wearing a merino wool garment, no microplastics are released in the waste-water or anywhere else.

Less Washing = Less Water Consumption
Merino Wool is "self-cleaning". Because of the lanolin it contains, wool does not hold odor. The "wool grease" naturally eliminates bacteria from oxidated sweat in the garment, and an overnight air-out will freshen it up and significantly reduces the need for washing.