Houdini W's Power Air Crew

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Women’s insulation crew made in Polartec® Power Air, a new generation of low-shedding fleece. Light, warm and stretchy. Perfect for layering.
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Meet the new generation of low-shedding fleece garments. Power Air Crew is a light and warm insulation garment featuring a completely new fabric construction that traps air in little pockets that will keep you warm without ever weighing you down.

Power Air Crew is the result of an innovation project by Houdini and Polartec®. We set out to solve the problem of microfiber shedding from synthetic fleece garments. Power Air is a fabric that feature a completely new construction. Instead of the traditional fleece where the fibers are exposed, the fibers that trap the air are encapsulated in small pockets seamlessly knitted into the fabric. The result is a light and warm fabric that shed up to five times less fibers compared to the best fleece garments on the market. The fabric is made from 54% recycled polyester which means that it not only prevents plastic waste but is actually built from used plastics.

Environmental benefits aside, Power Air Crew is a light, airy and wonderfully warm insulation garment that you can wear all year around. Layer up underneath your shell jacket in the winter or wear it on its own during the summer. The smooth, low friction fabric has great durability and is perfect for easy layering.

If you are looking for a light, warm and cozy performance mid-layer, this is your match. Wear it all year around for any kind of activity.


  • Regular fit
  • Made with Polartec® Power Air
  • Excellent warmth-to-weight ratio
  • Sheds 5 times less fibers than regular high quality fleece
  • Highly breathable
  • Bluesign® certified fabric
  • Made from 54% recycled polyester
  • Weight: 366 g

Fabrics and Technology:

Main Fabric: Polartec® Power Air

A completely new fabric construction where fibers that trap warm air is encapsulated in small pockets. This creates a wonderfully warm and breathable fleece jacket that shed a fraction of the microplastics compared to a normal fleece.

Origin: USA

Weight: 356g/sqm

54% recycled polyester 38% polyester 8% elastane

Bluesign® certified

Insulating air capsulating technology

4-way stretch

Sheds less fibers

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